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Review by Anirban, Rating:
This is my first order from picsquare and it sucks. its been 10 days now to order photo prints and the status is still \"under process\". They neither reply back to my mails nor pickup calls. I\'ve never encounter such problem on any site. I am not sure if this is a fake site, i made a transaction and don\'t know how to get it back. Never use picsquare !!!!!

Review by jags, Rating:
I ordered magnet to check out the quality.....i was happy though the finish is not upto the mark....quick delivery and super price....will order more for sure.

Review by Dev , Rating:
Yes i do agree with mr Sooraj. My experience with this website is also the same. As my family is in India, on most of the festivals i use this channel to send gifts to my loved ones...and they always liked it. On time delivery, product quality, follow up emails, variety of will get everything here ...chears!!!

Review by Sooraj, Rating:
I am sure the people those who have posted negative comments for this website are from their competitors far as i talk abt mine and my firends experience abt this website, these guys are provideing superb service and the quality and packaging of their products is just great..i have been using this site formore then 2 years noa...and i recomment it to everyone

Review by Raghu, Rating:
Though I can\'t comment on their t-shirt Quality, as I haven\'t used that product, I have been using PicSquare since Apr2008. They have been really impressive. I & my friends have ordered photo prints, collage poster and greeting cards. No complaint so far regarding Delivery, Print Qualities, Payments,etc. I strongly recommend them. I also had an interaction with them regarding an issue with their website, they handled it pretty well with immediate fix & email followups. It was good when they had pay...

Review by Venkata Melam, Rating:
Yes ..These guys are cheaters.... I made a couple of orders worth $50. They did not deliver and not even responding to my mails. I have never faced such a problem with any other site I ordered from. These guys are cheaters...DO NOT ORDER from this site. Picsquare sucks!!!!

Review by sin, Rating:
my experience, I had ordered for print on shirt. Firstly the price was cheap...turned to be 10$ Guess wot, the t-shirt that these guys used for printing my stufff was super cheap...throw away shirt. Rather pay more and get things worth it....Would never recommend this site to other..

Review by Ram, Rating:
These guys Sucks...i placed order more than a month ago, took the money from the card. No information about delivery and no response to the emails.

Review by Peter, Rating:
I've actually not used these guys before, I'm posting this to try and save people time. They only appear to deliver to INDIA, but people there love them. They also appear to be the cheapest service on earth--7 cent 4x6, $1.00 for 8x10, and $.80 to deliver.

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