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Review by Steve Dubusky, Rating:
Review posted: We used to order prints from @Winkflash. #NeverAgain. They defaced a pic of my daughter months ago & won't even respond to emails requesting a reprint. If reports are true they are now out of business, I am not surprised. Their lack of respect for their customers was/is clearly evident. Do not do business with this organization. My email to them: I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with WinkFlash. Months ago, my wife ordered prints, some of the 8"x10" variety. One image of my daughter sent with the order had one of her front teeth colored black. Hardly a "technical issue" to anyone who sees the image. I called customer support & was assured this was merely an issue with the software. She promised me this was not a deliberate act. As such, she only offered to resend me a correct print, upon receipt of an email from me. She wanted the image ID & to see it for herself. That was back in August. I have sent two more emails since then & have still not received either the correct print nor even a confirmation my email has been read. At this point I am beyond fuming. I have attached the image again, in hopes this can finally be resolved. To that end, I would like the corrected print we were promised - and I would like a refund of the money we paid for our order. This will bring satisfaction & will conclude any business we will be having with WinkFlash.

Review by Lisa S, Rating:
Quality was poor, customer service was abhorrent and shipping time was excessive. Never again.

Review by Haberman Photo, Rating:
Love Love Love them. I\'ve been a customer since 2000. I have thousands of photos stored on their servers. They\'ve never lost a single one. I have ordered gallery wraps, mugs, key tags, ornaments, books, cards, calendars, cutting boards, mouse pads and prints of all sizes. When there has been an issue, I\'ve always received the right response, either via email or phone. I have tried a others and always come running back.

Review by Norma, Rating:
Have been pleased with past orders until this last one. Very poor quality, some bordered some not. They offer a 100% money back guarantee, but you have to mail the pictures back, which costs as much money as the pictures do. Poor customer service. Will not use again.

Review by Mark, Rating:
Ordered a handful of photos to test these guys out. Good quality I will be ordering from again.

Review by Mark, Rating:
Im a graphic designer from Seattle, I decided to order some photo prints for my customers. They were great, they even let me put my logo on the back :). I got very good deal as there was some nice coupons. Good Job Winkflash!

Review by Emily, Rating:
I\'m a Troop leader for Girl Scouts and recently we have started to fund raise for the girls so they can go to summer camp for 1 week. I wanted to make up some posters for the fund raiser to put up in the school. I went to local printers around here and could not believe how expensive poster printing is! I mean I know it is a lot of paper and ink but, WOW! A friend of mine said, check online. I have never heard of online printing before. But I looked and found winkflash. I am so happy I did. Their prices were way lower than Kinkos and Staples. I was worried about them getting damaged in the mail but they arrived fine! The colors came out amazing and the girls were pretty happy to see their pictures on a poster :-) I am one happy lady! A+++ Highly recommend these guys.

Review by Tyler, Rating:
Excellent poster prints! Just got my 16x20 illustration printed on their gator board and it looks so good.

Review by Dana, Rating:
Winkflash photo books are ah-maze-zing! AMAZING! Not only are Winkflash\'s prices the best, but they beat their competitors twice over for quality and turnaround. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new photo book. It\'s a centerpiece on our coffee table and I get compliments from our family and friends everytime someone picks it up. :)

Review by David, Rating:
I ordered a Winkflash canvas a couple of weeks ago and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of their prints, prices, customer service & product turnaround. Most recently, I contacted Winkflash Customer Service to ask what advice they could spare about turning an old print into a big canvas. They instructed me on exactly what I needed to do to scan the image at the highest resolution and even helped me get it uploaded! The Customer Service rep I spoke with checked the information and then provided me with suggested canvas sizes that would work for the image. I was able to order the canvas at the right size and when it came in I was overwhelmed at how amazing it was. Winkflash and their Customer Service are GREAT! I will refer everyone to them!

Review by David, Rating:
I ordered a Winkflash canvas a couple of weeks ago and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of their prints, prices, customer service & product turnaround. Most recently, I contacted Winkflash Customer Service to ask what advice they could spare about turning an old print into a big canvas. They instructed me on exactly what I needed to do to scan the image at the highest resolution and even helped me get it uploaded! The Customer Service rep I spoke with checked the information and then provided me with suggested canvas sizes that would work for the image. I was able to order the canvas at the right size and when it came in I was overwhelmed at how amazing it was. Winkflash and their Customer Service are GREAT! I will refer everyone to them!

Review by Paul, Rating:
Ordered 20X30 canvas. Incrediable deal.

Review by Jenna, Rating:
Strongly agree with what James posted. The upload method is terribly slow. It took hours to upload about 40MB photos. There was no error message telling you what was wrong. The process repeated by itself again and again due to failure. I spent about 6 hours but only uploaded 60 photos, and missed their photo book sales deadline.

Review by Jenna, Rating:
Strongly agree with what James posted. The upload method is terribly slow. It took hours to upload about 40MB photos. There was no error message telling you what was wrong. The process repeated by itself again and again due to failure. I spent about 6 hours but only uploaded 60 photos, and missed their photo book sales deadline.

Review by James, Rating:
I was very unhappy with my one and only Winkflash experience. The web site is clumsy and cumbersome to use. Uploading photos is horrendously slow and often fails, especially if you do anything more than 50 MB at a time. As another reviewer mentioned, if you\'re creating a photobook and try to crop a photo, the editor for some reason brings up a completely different picture. After all this frustration I had issues with my order when it arrived. Customer service replied very quickly to my 3 attempts to discuss the situation with them, sometimes within an hour, but the replies were short and seemed to be copied and pasted. My questions and concerns were not specifically addressed at all. Not recommended.

Review by Justin, Rating:
I just received the 12 x 16 canvas print I ordered 5 days ago. The quality was better than expected and it turned out great. Fast printing, fast shipping, great product, great prices. I will be using this site again!

Review by John, Rating:
I am being charged money from Winkflash even though I have never purchased anything from them. How did they get my credit card number?????? SCAM!

Review by Snappy, Rating:
I\'m wondering if anyone has anything to say about the quality of the cover.

Review by Lee, Rating:
I\'ve created 4 different photobooks through Winkflash and have been thrilled with the results. The flatrate sales have allowed me to purchase large quantities of the books (27 for one set of Christmas presents!). I\'ve never purchased prints from Winkflash, but I love their photobooks.

Review by jeff, Rating:
Ordered 2 poster size prints. Color quality average at best. Not printed to size as specified by THEIR web information. When I called customer NO SERVICE all I got was a rum around after 10 mins on hold and 15 mins with a rep that couldn\'t answer any questions. Should have know better great price...awful service

Review by ddjwms, Rating:
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Had never used this service before and was hesitant because of some of the reviews and cropping issues. But I had a very large order, and price was half of what it would be anywhere else. So I crossed my fingers and submitted the order. And everything was perfect. I couldn\'t have asked for better--200+ enlarged prints and an 18X24 canvas of an odd shaped photo with people to the very edge. Color, cropping, everything was great, , and service was much faster than I expected from other reviews. I was totally pleased.

Review by mark, Rating:
Have ordered litterally thousands of prints from winkflash without any problems.

Review by lisa, Rating:
This is by far the WORSt printing company i have ever worked with. After spending hours using their horible editing software they sent me an incorrect order and said it was my fault. They would not budge on their return policy which requires that you be responsible for shipping the items back to them. Not to mention you will have to wait for them to receive the order (5-8 days), process the reutrn, credit your account and then you still have to recrop and order which will probably end up the same as the first since their site editing software is so flawed. Please pay the extra 3 cents per print and go ANYwhere else, this place does not deserve to be in business. Don\'t encourage them to treat their customers this way, they don\'t deserve it.

Review by icyblue, Rating:
After ordering my first order with winkflash, I\'m pleasantly satisfied. Since this is the first time I ordered photos online, I miss ordered the 4x6 free 50 photos for .99, which I promised my sister whom I bought (2) puzzles for. Thankfully \"Kelly\" a customer representative was able to give me credit for the .99 first order special. Thank you Kelly, my sister will appreciate photos spread all over the place of her newborn. Not to mention how darling those puzzles are. :-)

Review by Juan, Rating:
The best place for digital prints, photo books, calendars, and canvas. I know since I have order all of this items several times and if something goes wrong you call them and they will make it right.

Review by david donohue, Rating:
I ordered two canvas prints from Winkflash earlier this week - they were on sale and the price couldn\'t be beat. The prints arrived today and they were both great - fast shipment, great quality. I will be placing orders for ten more canvas prints later today!

Review by Ekaterina, Rating:
Great servise,good prices!Always use this site!!!

Review by Higgs, Rating:
I\'ve used winkflash for years, I think since about 2003. I have made countless books, best buy on the internet. They keep adding features to the website for layouts for the books as well. Order prints, have ordered canvasses, usually get them very quickly, and quality is very nice. Customer service is hard to get to by phone, but I have been treated fairly when I\'ve needed them (and finally gotten through). Calendars are another item I\'ve ordered for several years, very nice quality.

Review by Sylvia, Rating:
Does anyone know if they ship to Canada? I can\'t seem to get an answer. Thanks

Review by Aaron, Rating:
Excellent experiences. I do wedding invitations/thank you cards and books through them. If you expect ANYTHING other than printing and delivering what they offer at the best prices on the net, PLEASE go elsewhere. This is geared towards best pricing, they can\'t coddle you...they can\'t hold your hand...they can\'t refund if your pictures sucked (or upload errors). YOU take the risk....but the reward is excellent prices and pretty darn good product. Be careful and exacting in your order and you should be very satisfied. (do a couple of sample runs to make sure you know what you want)

Review by mekap, Rating:
I signed up as a result of several comparative reviews that praised this service. When inquiring about shipping throughout Canada (through Winkflash Canada), specifically why no provinces were selectable, I found zero assistance. I called the toll free support number countless times only to receive a busy signal, and there has been no response to my email inquiries to date. Site seemed promising, but very much a let down. If you are working out of Canada, I do not recommend this site.

Review by Jen, Rating:
Never Again! I placed a small order (22 prints) on July 5th... supposed to be delivered on July 11th per my \"order status.\" Its July 12th and my order is still \"printing.\" Not exactly thrilled with my first (and last) order.

Review by Joyce , Rating:
I have used Winkflash several times. The individual print quality is as good Kodak, but it takes forever to get your photos and they tend to short-ship. I had a situation where I waited so long for unsent prints, that I was offered a free book. When I went to create that free book (and I am a visual arts graduate), the site was so difficult to navigate. The uploaded photos were all out of order, and then when I went to crop photos, previous photos kept coming up in the crop box. I called customer support, they said to switch from Safari as to Firefox. That didn\'t help either. I finally gave up, and ordered my free book with less than perfect photos. The book is still \"in process\". If it doesn\'t come out as nicely as I\'d like, I will switch back to either Kodak Gallery or My Publisher and remake the book. Their books are more expensive, but the quality is ALWAYS good.

Review by prophotog, Rating:
i have used winkflash for proofs and other items for years. i recently ordered a gallery wrap canvas from them and i have to admit the quality was GREAT! just as nice as my expensive lab. i was really impressed and the shipping was incredibly fast too

Review by Andrea, Rating:
I just received my order of over 500 photos. While at a glance the pictures look OK they are ALL MIXED UP. I uploaded them in 3 folders and ordered them accordingly. They are all totally mixed up and it will not only take me forever to sort them I have no idea if I even received all the pictures I ordered.

Review by Yolanda, Rating:
I ordered 1037 prints from winkflash and the price was only 66 bucks prior to shipping. I was pleased with that much, but that\'s about it. I ordered on February 6th, and I haven\'t received it yet. (its Feb. 20th) So right now I\'m pissed to say the least

Review by Matt, Rating:
I\'ve been using Winkflash for the past 4 years and so far very pleased with the service. Quality and price is unbeatable, especially for Photo Books. Wheneve they have a ?flat rate? sale for photo books, I try to order one. So far I?ve created over 10 8x10 (close to 100 pages each) books and very pleased with what I?ve got. Their single prints are very affordable and exceptionally good quality, if you compare them with local stores. Next on my list is to order Posters and Canvas size prints. I?ve recommended this site to so many of my friends/family members and they all are pleased with the service they got.

Review by kam, Rating:
I have been using winkflash for 3 years. I have ordered hundreds of prints and 2 photo books. Not a single complaint. Their shipping rates are published and based on the number of photos you print -- I have never been \"scammed\" like other reviews have said. I get emails on their special promotions. My photos have always been great quality.

Review by Lorinda, Rating:
I\'ve been using Winkflash almost exclusively for 4 or 5 years. I\'ve always been very pleased with them. I do wish they still had the $.99 shipping - that was awesome. A few years ago when I had my Christmas cards printed - they did an excellent job, but about 6 of them were bent, so I sent a simple email to them requesting quick shipping of a reprint because I hadn\'t left enough time for error - they shipped them to me immediately. But instead of the 6 prints I was missing - they sent me another 1...

Review by Tried to scam me, Rating:
I entered a code for 50 free prints. This saved me $3. My shipping was changed immediately from $4.99 to $7.99. They took the $3 I was \"saving\" with my coupon code and HID IT in my shipping. Scammers!

Review by This is Unethical! SCAMMERS!, Rating:
I wanted to love Winkflash, too. I learned that the first 50 prints were free. I was already placing an order to use a coupon code they emailed me about, to get the first 100 for .04 instead of .06. However, upon learning there was a coupon code for 50 free (and you can only use one code per order), I obviously changed my code. Guess what? I entered my code to get 50 free (at .06 each). This gave me a savings of exactly $3, right? Wrong! In my shipping corner, the shipping amount cha...

Review by TARA, Rating:
Very dissappointed with the quality of the prints!!! Some were blurry others were dark, and i only recieved half of the prints that were ordered. The price may be right but I would choose to pay a little extra and get better customer service and prints. Probably will not use the site again.

Review by gary carroll, Rating:
winkflash is the best if you had a problem with them i think its your doing !

Review by T&G, Rating:
I love winkflash. I\'ve been using them for years, ever since they had a promotion for something like 100 prints for $1, which was maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I order maybe 2-4 photo books a year, and the quality is amazing - especially during a promotion - $20 +shipping for a book with 100 pages! The turn around time is quick (and if there is a delay, they email you to let you know). Also, if you call their customer service number, you get through almost instantly. GREAT GREAT GREAT SERVICE!!!!

Review by Drizn, Rating:
Winkflash is seriously a crap company. I dont recommend it to anyone. I too got lured by the cheap promotion rate n placed my order only to realise that even after a month of placing my order that I should have received in 3-5 business days, I did not receive the photos, secondly inspite of my repeated attempts to contact them by mail n phone, nothing at all was done to refund my money.

Review by Bob, Rating:
I have individually ordered four photo books from 74 pages to 99 pages long at a cost of $20 plus shipping. Was pleased with all of them. At that price I have to give them 5 stars. Perhaps there are several other printing services that produce slightly higher quality books but at 3 to 5 times the price.

Review by Kelly I., Rating:
I love winkflash. I have used them since 2005 and only have glowing remarks about them. They offer unlimited storage and believe me I put that to the test! You can share pics and everything you would expect from a photo site. There prints are of a great quality and a quality that is designed to last. I work with archivists, so I know about photo quality designed to last. I once had a large shipment of pictures that never made it to my house - I\'m 99% sure the fault lies with the post office but wi...

Review by His.Spoiled.Wifey, Rating:
Ugh! Very Dissapointed! I ordered a lot of pictures from my Wedding that were professionally taken & they all came back DARK!!! [& the Photos are not Dark!] you can\'t even see my Face & my Dress which was white looks beige/yellow!!! Ugh! will never order from them again. I prefer to pay more @ another place.

Review by krums, Rating:
the first time I used this company the pictures were very well done. The next time I downloaded pictures they came back very poor. Heads being cut off, arms and faces were cut down the middle, unfocused, and a lot of them had a yellow tint all over them. These were taken by professional people and they were not sent to this company looking like this. I think we are smart enough to know about cropping and adjusting items when we send in an order. The company just gets lazy and they do not pay attenti...

Review by M.S., Rating:
Let\'s start from the everyone who complains about heads being cut in pictures, click on the CROPPING NECESSARY warning that shows up below your pics in the shopping cart. If your photos are a different size that what you\'re ordering, something has to be cut -- it\'s not that hard to figure out. The cropping warning will show you exactly how the pics will print & you have the ability to adjust them if you see heads being cut, etc. If you don\'t want to do this, size them correctly in an e...

Review by Ralph, Rating:
Sarah is a liar, WinkFlash has always been excellent and fast!

Review by tom, Rating:
Great website

Review by Sarah, Rating:
I hate winkflash. I ordered 52 holiday photo cards 11 days ago and only 15 have arrived! I have called and called, only to be on hold (if I don\'t get a busy signal), and starting yesterday, they let me hold for a long time and then disconnect me. I have been disconnected from them 4 times in less than 24 hours, and believe me, it is not my phone. They suck and are ruining my Christmas spirit!!!

Review by Drena, Rating:
I wish I read this site before I ordered form them! The quality is not that great, but the customer service is horrible. They ave no idea what they are doing. I ordered some invitations. The first time they were printed wrong (not the way they looked on the on line preview). I returned them, and placed another order with a different design, since i was told it was a problem related to the specific design that i used. Got the second order and it was still bad, even though somebody was supposed to check th...

Review by Donna, Rating:
I ordered 400 prints with their 6 cents a print deal. Shipping was $18, but it equaled out to only 10 cents a print so I thought it was a bargain. That's exactly what my prints looked like. The paper was flimsy. They didn't seem to print with a full range of colors so the prints looked awkward. The quality of printer must be bad because the prints also looked pixelated. So, I could return them and lose my $18 or keep them. I feel like I've been scammed, and will not use this company again. Back t...

Review by Peggy, Rating:
I have been using Winkflash for a couple of years now for my action shots. Quality was great, color was great, and all of my orders have been shipped correctly and undamaged. And in a very timely manner. I also had to call there customer service for a minor problem, and it was handled professionally and resolved professionally. I will continue to use WINKFLASH!

Review by Mike, Rating:
HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!! I ordered close to 100 pictures to send out to managers, producers and directors, and half of my order was correct, the other head was cut off in them, but when I submitted them it was fine. I contacted them, they said just to re-order them and they will adjust the price to something cheaper...something cheaper? how about you give them to me for free because you cut my head out of the picture? I will never use this company again..I would rather go to wal-mart and spend $2...

Review by Daisy, Rating:
I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN , 1 TIME IS ENOUGH ..... I place an order of 307 pics , they arrived really quickly , but only the 1st 40 prints are with good quality , the rest are horrible. I tried to explain that I do not want refund I simply wanted to have them re print my pictures with the same quality as the 1st 40 pics, all of the pics were professionally made with a really good camera + it was a wedding, they tried to tell me that I am stupid and my monitor was not fixed the way it should be and ...

Review by ksvlss, Rating:
I ordered several 4x6 prints. Was disappointed by the fact that the photos ended up being dull. Ended up re-ordering at with much better results. Plus winkflash uses USPS Flat Rate Priority shipping, but charges double the amount as shipping cost.

Review by kerry, Rating:
By far the WORST experiance with an online photo company ever! Will never use them again. Stick to Kodakgallery. I ordered postcards with a picture on the front and copy on the back as an invitation for a party. Out of the 50 I was sent only approx 10 were useable! The copy (party details) was cut-off on the sides. When I asked about a return I was given the information. I returned my entire order about a month ago and have STILL yet to receive a refund and no response from my try to get a status ...

Review by jessica gilbert, Rating:
They deleted ALL of my photos from my account for NO reason.. I have no idea what is going on.. they were all my own photos, so no reason for it. I am so upset.. actually sad, i hadnt gotten around to making a back up cd. Lost some pics forever. : ( no reply from cust. service. i guess they dont give a crap about me or my photos.

Review by bassinkurt, Rating:
My first time using winkflash. I usually use shutterbug, but because of the difference in price we decided to try winkflash. We ordered our photo cards in the beginning of Dec. (5th) and periodically checking our status on-line. "Printing" was the status and still is the status (12/17). Called customer services and was told to cancel my order and re-order - WHAT? Then was also advised to cancel my order and use a local pharmacy to get my order placed - WHAT? The reason that was given that my order ...

Review by Ron, Rating:
Winkflash upload software and/or their servers are better than ClarkColor. Their software for identifying cropped photos is better. However an order for 320 4x6 that I placed (early Dec 07) got stuck in the middle of printing and stayed in the status of "printing" for 11 days. Two calls to ask them to restart the job and when it might ship had no good result; so I asked them to cancel the order which they did manage to do. ClarkColor returned an order of 500 4x6 in 5 days (inc weekend) with excelle...

Review by Christine, Rating:
I had good luck with WinkFlash in the past. However, in 2007, they must have new tech support. They have let me down repeatedly. I cannot tell you how many hours I have worked online with them only to lose my order or projects repeatedly because they either decided to upgrade their servers mid-order or just did not save my project (though I hit "save project" numerous times while I was working and the screen seemed to respond). E-mails never elicit responses. Tech support is very poor! Website is n...

Review by Jalal, Rating:
For the price you cannot find any website that is better. Shipping .99 No matter how big the order. They give you virtually free products. I ordered a 100-page 8x10 photo book. The cost was $50. The quality was super. Can you get better quality sure you can by may be 5% but the cheapest I found was $150 for the same product. (Snapfish $120, shutterfly $130, Kodak $140 for 80 pages) I never had problem with them so I am not sure about their customer service. I have had more the 15 orders and o...

Review by Jen, Rating:
I have used Winkflash in the past and not had a problem. I ordered a gift for Father's day and after 14 days of trying to contact them, received a generic email saying there had been a problem with my image upload. I responded and asked when I could expect it to arrive, no answer. Today I received a refund email and apparently they just canceled my order! I am so mad and dissatisfied-caution against using this service for something you really want or need by a specific date! I am reporting to the ...

Review by NAOMI, Rating:

Review by Adam, Rating:
BAD BAD BAD use to be good but have gone downhill over the past year Call and email looking for answers and they give the run around.... Looking for a new service

Review by Heidi, Rating:
Have used Winkflash for over a year with no problems, until recently. Pictures are not vibrant and are dark. When emailing their support, they send you back some generic email and don't answer your question. Trying to find another place to use.

Review by Gosh, Rating:
Ordered prints for 50$. Half of the prints came blank after 1 week. The rest is still missing. They haven't answered my two e-mails. Phoneservice is not reachable for three days in a row. Still wating for my other prints - status is still printing after two weeks. NOT recommended!

Review by Jamie, Rating:
I put in an order over 10 days ago and the status still says printing. Seeing the FAQ section "Orders are typically processed and shipped out within one business day. " I was not worried about receiving my poster size print before Christmas. After 5 days of the order still being in Printing status, I sent an email to customer service, after 7 days I sent another email, by day 10 I sent ANOTHER email. I still have not received a response from any of my emails. Now I'm HOPING to receive the poster ...

Review by alfaromeo155, Rating:
ho help if something goes wrong, customer service simply sucks, non-existant, tried to contact them over 2 weeks, no response whatsoever

Review by C. Laubach, Rating:
I have used Winkflash for about 2 years to have pictures sent directly to family members. The last 3 order have had top of photo's cut off - sometimes part of a person's head or text. I'm looking for another service.

Review by Tom Mann, Rating:
Prints are not the best. Their machinery does not seem to get the color balance right. Prints are not always packaged properly. I have gotten prints that are bent.

Review by Michael, Rating:
I used Winkflash for a couple of years, and they printed literally thousands of photos for me. But the past three orders have come back with streaks across the images (images that they have printed many times before with no problems). Something has gone terribly wrong with Winkflash!

Review by Brian S, Rating:
Like Ofoto, overexposed and saturated. Kinda like the photo got blurred a little. But, good enough to sell at a street fair. Upload utility sucks for larger orders.

Review by Jared Bauer, Rating:
I was always happy with the way the prints came out through Winkflash - but completed a CD order once where they send the blank CD and I load my pics and send it back. They lost my CD somewhere and sent me the pics of someone else! Service was horrible.

Review by Linda, Rating:
Winkflash is great...until there's a problem with your order. Then you have to deal with their customer service, which is clueless and downright rude. I spent hundreds of dollars with them on many, many orders and when one didn't arrive the hassle I had to go through to get it replaced was unbelievable. I was treated as if I was lying and wanted to scam them for 5 whole dollars. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

Review by Paul, Rating:
Excellent!! I use them to do my wedding proofs and they ae quick and offer good quality matte finish photos! Thank you also for offering this service of compared pricing!! BRILLIANT

Review by Sam, Rating:
great photos and they came FAST!! You could probably also find some coupon codes for $.08 prints if you look. Can't beat the .99 shipping and quality is very good.

Review by Raymond Lee, Rating:
The photo quality was very good. However, the photos come out darker than what it seems to be on a computer monitor. I compared the prints of winkflash to the same exact ones I ordered from Shutterfly. Shutterfly's prints are brighter but als o cost over 2x as much.

Review by Dennis Angle, Rating:
I have ordered all sizes (not posters) and am extremely happy with the quality, the paper, the price and the prompt service.

Review by Dawna, Rating:
Great prices, super fast shipping and amazing pictures.....Will definately use again and again and recommend winkflash to everyone....

Review by djkkk, Rating:
Bad, bad, bad! They offer 8 cent for new customer but 12 cent for old customer......I am mad about it.

Review by Matt Penning, Rating:
Ordered 502 prints. Came in on time and looking great. One improvement I would suggest is to put photoname under thumbnail, currently there is no name, just the thumbnail. 99 cent shipping is super! Ordered 4X6 prints. June 2005

Review by Bike N Run, Rating:
I have been using winkflash for the past two years and it is by far the best digital photo site on the internet. Their Matte photos comes out the best and at 12 cents for a 4x6 and 99 cents shipping it is a great deal. You can also place notes and comments on the back of the picture. Order from winkflash and you will not be disappointed.

Review by Tia, Rating:
I love the service. Shipping is great! The only problem is some of my photos can be lighter. Besides the one problem I will keep using them for my photo processing.

Review by Hakeem Kareem, Rating:
Excellent quality.The only problem is getting images uploaded to them. The prints are of the highest quality I am used to and theshipping rates are very reasonable. They need to work on better programes to upload images to the lab.

Review by Michael, Rating:
I ordered one test photo. Good quality and colors. Fast shipping.

Review by Ron, Rating:
Tried several other online developers, so far this is the best. Fast shipping also.

Review by Djordje, Rating:
Just received my test photos, glossy and matte. I'm delightful by the results. My prints are as they should be. The colors are amazing, which means that they are real. Real. XPPhoto was my choice until just a few mintes ago. I'm switching to WinkFlash ;)

Review by Benjamin, Rating:
Just ordered 500 prints. Excellent Quality & Highly Recomended. Will use again in the future

Review by Peter Schneidler, Rating:
Ordered some 8x10 and larger prints from them. Quality was good, shipping was cheap and fast.

Review by Kit, Rating:
I have ordered some postcards. They are cheap and great!

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