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Review by D. Brent Cecil, Rating:
Simply the best. Great customer service. Great products. Unbelievable turnaround. Once submitted a bad image (sent a preliminary image instead of final image). The called to verify, did not print the bad image, and waited for me to send the right image before completing my order (at no additional cost). I have ordered press printed cards at 4pm and had them delivered to me before 10am the next morning (and that was standard shipping, which is included at no additional charge). While I commit to a 2 week delivery for my customers, it is great to exceed their expectations. You may find cheaper (although not by much), but you won’t find better.

Review by Dana, Rating:
I use whcc for my proofing and it\'s only .18 a 4x6 if you have 400 or more files (color corrected already) which most wedding photogs prob shoot, and their quality is awesomely consistent. And the turnaround is fast and shipping included. GREAT LAB WITH ALOT OF PRODUCTS AND ALWAYS ADDING MORE!

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