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Review by BRhoades, Rating:
Walmart is very convenient if you want fast prints, but not the happiest with their output. My black and whites have turned out darker when I have gotten them there.

Review by Dave B, Rating:
Price was good. The actual photo quality was OK too (otherwize this would only be ONE star). However dont expect to get what you send them. I had a project of around 40 photos I spent several hours on photo-editing with some good quality photo software. I got them all to exactly what I wanted to frame in the exact 4x6 and 8x10 formats I wanted to have printed using the softwares 4x6 and 8x10 framing tools. Then, despite my pride for my very nice crops I made, after I got the prints back, I was horrifi...

Review by JenniferSM, Rating:
My sister, 4 hours away, needed some photos for a project, but we weren't able to e-mail them. I simply uploaded them to's photo center and ordered them to be printed and picked up at my sister's local WalMart. What could be easier? The quality is comparable to other in-store 1-hour service (fine in a pinch!) and the convenience is really wonderful. Very limited print size options. I know the techs are just following rules, but they are pure EVIL when it comes to printing photos that look possibly professional. Hey, sometimes I just take some good photos! :)

Review by Hannah Clark, Rating:
Sometimes it is difficult to upload images. It's nice to not pay for shipping. You just pick them up at your local Wal-Mart.

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