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Review by arikashay, Rating:
Will never use again... I had several prints jobs of the SAME image file and they were all different in contrast and brightness.

Review by Victoria Kohler, Rating:
Excellent quality. I waited and ordered my prints at by 50 for $5.00. Wait for their discounts if you can and sign up via email.

Review by D Cath, Rating:
Used them to order Christmas photo cards with a photo that I scanned to my computer and then cropped. They turned out really great! Picked them up at a local store within just a few days. Prior to that, used Walgreens & Walmart to order the same set of photos, and the Walgreens photos came out with much better quality (Wal-Marts had weird red tint). Would definitely use again.

Review by K. Wagner, Rating:
Orderd a number of 4x6, and 8x10's (pickup in store). Found print colors to be an excellent match to my calibrated Mac monitor. (Still struggleing to get my $$ dye sub printer colors as accurate!) Also ordered a couple larger than 8x10, which are mailed from a remote print location in a couple of days. Still want to compare them with the local camera shop that supplies the shopper with a custom icc profile for editing.

Review by Michael, Rating:
I ordered several more prints. the quality was excellent. Slight reddish cast.

Review by Michael, Rating:
I ordered 2 test prints at the store (not by mail). They were excellent! Thought price when ordering in store is a bit high.

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