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Review by uloixia, Rating:
They always send me emails saying \"What are you waiting for, you have free prints!\" and then when I try to redeem them, after uploading prints, etc., they say that I\'m not eligible. And on 355 prints they want $16 shipping!! that really shocked me. Also when they pop up things ads for their products, they don\'t tell you the size limit (limit 50 photos, or whatever), so I once went in and renamed 375 prints so that they could be put into a flipbook chronologically, only to then find out later that there\'s a 45 photo max. So yah, they\'re not really forthcoming with information and they always send misleading emails.

Review by bruno lestrat, Rating:
very disappointed by the colors, obvious mistakes with several pictures sizes whereas I ordered one format only

Review by buddyperx, Rating:
Used them 5 or 6 times and found the quality acceptable. Colors reproduced faithfully but print quality although acceptable could be better. Not as good as Fuji prints. They use good quality paper, delivery is fast and packaging is carefully done.

Review by Steve, Rating:
The quality is superb! I sent the same photo to Walmart and Snapfish. The Snapfish picture was as good as my memory and the Walmart picture was dark and the color was off. Snapfish pictures cost about $0.14 each once shipping is included.

Review by Babsi, Rating:
I ordered pictures with snapfish Canada, they charged my credit card and then cancelled my order. I have never received any pictures and I am still waiting for the refund. I has been four weeks now....So far, they have just been leading me on.

Review by Pioneer, Rating:
Clear crisp pictures, but every single one had a strong brownish tint despite being taken under a variety of light conditions. And despite usiing their no-crop option for digital pictures, they heavily cropped every picture on the top, bottom ,and both sides. Why? The pictures already had the correct aspect ration for the print size they offered--what possible reason could they have to do so much cropping?

Review by Michael, Rating:
Prints have been very acceptable. Only ordered 4 x 6... about 4,000 so far. Fast delivery and consistant sizing. Prepay and save $$$ if you can. Shipping pricing is way too expensive. Pick up if possible to avoid shipping gouging.

Review by Aaron, Rating:
Prints were OK, but not something I'd want to be selling on a weekly basis. I did a 16x20 collage created in PS CS to exact dimensions, and they still ended up cropping almost an inch off (taking out part of lettering and a partial face). Customer service couldn't fix it, but offered me a free print.

Review by Linei, Rating:
I have been very happy with the quality, the fast delivery, the customer service and the price.

Review by rushg, Rating:
I have developed more then 100 rolls in last 5 years. No complains. They are consistent and good customer service

Review by Jill, Rating:
Service was fast. Photo quality and colors were as they should be.

Review by Djordje, Rating:
If a 4x6 print cost 0.06 cents, then this would be a not-so-bad place. Avoid.

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