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Review by Ava C, Rating:
Hey! I found your site from your awesome Google reviews. Have you thought about getting more customers from Google? You guys are set up very nicely I think with a couple of changes you could dominate your local area. I put together a quick audit on a couple of things you could change to start bringing in more customers from Google. If you’re interested I can send it over :)

Review by George Martin Jr, Rating:
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Review by Aubrey, Rating:
Shutterfly quality has always been great. I have used them for over 10 years. Recently, they are offering so many "free" item deals. I have admittedly been sucked into a few, but the shipping costs are beyond ridiculous! You end up getting about a 50% discount on the "free" products due to shipping costs. Disappointed in this new corporate strategy.

Review by Wanda , Rating:
I've used shutterfly for years and was happy, however they have raised their shipping and handling charges drastically to the point that shipping and handling costs me more than the charges for my purchases.....looking elsewhere

Review by Rose, Rating:
Shutterfly was the first online photo printing site that I have used. As a new member, I got 50 free prints + shipping and handling (like $5) and must say that the quality of the prints were amazing. Also, as a Target shopper, I have gotten coupons for more free prints. Even though I have to pay the shipping charge, it still ends up being cheaper than other places, especially compared to printing them in store instead of online. I got standard sized prints and don\'t regret a thing. Sure, people say that the shipping and handling is a bit \'over priced\' or expensive, but if you\'re paying for quality, I recommend using them. I have also used them before for a school project to create a photo story book and the quality was also very great.

Review by Tonya, Rating:
I LOVE SHUTTERFLY!!! Not sure why it\'s showing prints at .29 each, because standard price is .15. You can get them as low as .9 but then are agreeing to purchase 600 in the next 2 years. As far as shipping goes, you can always get free shipping for the most part, just look up Shutterfly Coupon codes, they have always worked for me. SHUTTERFLY has the BEST photo books and at very good prices - especially for the flexibilibity of customizing the book. I also love the SHARED sites. I have made lots of private sites to share photos with certain people, but also, our LITTLE LEAGUE team - It\'s not just for pictures - the pictures is just icing on the cake really - the ability and flexibilbity of the private custom websites is GREAT!!!! Will use again and again and again!!!

Review by Kelly, Rating:
Shipping is outrageous. Not a good deal at all.

Review by Gene Cannon, Rating:
I have used Shutterfly often and have always been very happy with both the quality and speed of service. I just ordered my first photo book and was absolutely amazed at how soon it came and I was very pleased with the excellent quality.

Review by Kim, Rating:
I have used Shutterfly on 2 occasions where I was very disappointed. The first was for thank you note cards with my daughter\'s picture. The coloring made it look my 4 month old daughter was wearing A LOT of makeup. The second was a photo book for the 1st 6 months of her life; colors were off in many of the photos - same problem - over saturated. I\'m in the process of shopping for a new online photo option.

Review by Mag, Rating:
I would have to agree with VITIHO, Shutterfly does have one of the best quality photo printing. I have tried PEPhoto, Snapfish, Yorkphoto, Winkflash, ArtsCow, Digiprint, etc.. and none of them are as good as Shutterfly. However, Shutterfly is somewhat expensive compared to these other printing sites. If you are printing something important/treasurable this is a good site to use; however, if it is regular daily photo, than just use the other less expensive site.

Review by VITIHO, Rating:
That was the first online printing photo service which I've ever tried. I was very impressed by the results. They have many discounts, and they supports is really top quality the only low which I could mention it's their price. I think shutterfly has one of the worst price/performance rating, because they are just too expensive. As I mentioned before quality was superb, but after trying other online printing services I couldn't even say that it was best... Wouldn't use them again because of the price.

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