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Review by Lisa, Rating:
I used photoworks for the first time a couple weeks ago because they were advertising a special. I ordered lots of black & white old pictures I had edited and they turned out GREAT! Love the B&W quality, but if they were not running a special, I think they are way too expensive for good color photo quality elsewhere. I usually use snapfish matte or shutterfly.

Review by KD, Rating:
I have to agree with Luda. When I received my pictures the quality was awful. and some of the pictures were cropped very badly. I checked the order b4 sending and they did not look that way. I contact the company and they told me they could do nothing for me. They advertise 100% Customer satisfaction and that they work with customers if they are unhappy.......BIG false Advertising!!!

Review by Luda Franklin, Rating:
I used Photowors first time and my bigest mistake that i ordered over 200 pictures, even though the quality did say good on 4x6 that is, when i got the pictures they were pretty bad. Doted faces and the quality is not what i expacted. I did send them back and i hope i'll get some refund for it.

Review by JenniferSM, Rating:
Photoworks' printing services are as good as any of their big competitors. What puts them ahead, in my opinion, are the gifts they offer. One of my favorites is that they have unique styles of cards that you won't find anywhere else. They're expensive, but if you want something truly original it's worth it. Snazzy site. Good results.

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