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Review by Anthony C., Rating:
Decent print quality for a decent price. Printing appears to be consistant. Delivery times are within expectations. Recommend using their 'iamge fix' tool if images appear a bit 'off' on your screen. They use their better Kodak paper and not the cheap type. Matte paper is great for the portrait shots.

Review by Brian S, Rating:
For snapshots, great stuff - of course, they used to be cheaper. Now I think they are are little pricey. For stuff you want to hang on walls (or sell), I find the prints oversaturated. White borders on dark prints turn blue or yellow, and everything big looks overexposed. I would advise against 8/10s.

Review by Jo, Rating:
WAY too much yellow in the picture. They also darken the pictures when they really shouldn't. In a lot of the pictures, faces tend to show up very greasy and shiny. The pictures are sharp, which is their strongest point. But for the price they're charging, not worth the quality. I had to reorder half my order from another place.

Review by Djordje, Rating:
Great (gloosy) prints. I have compared some 15 stores and OFoto is a clear winner. This, however, comes at a price. First, they don't make matte prints, something I can't overlook. Second, their price. There are many other places that offer pretty good quality at a much cheaper price. Those who prefer glossy prints and willing to pay 29 cents per print will be very satisfied with OFoto. As always, I suggest everybody to send the same pictures to a few diffrent places and compare the results.

Review by erick, Rating:
I have ordered many prints from OFOTO. The prints are bright, well saturated and sharp. Very wonderful results. Personally I think they put too much yellow in the pictures but overall it looks fantastic! Fast Shipping too.

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