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Review by sherika munt, Rating:
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Review by Cynthia kollar, Rating:
I use to love Mpix. That's before they sent me my last order. The prints were way off the size I ordered and the pictures were unusable . When I contacted Mpix about a refund they asked me to jump through a bunch of hoops and wanted me to pay to have pictures sent back. Never will get a refund.

Review by amy, Rating:
First time using Mpix, good online customer service. Fuji professional paper is good, but I think Kodak paper (if still available) may be better. Timely processing and shipping but the packaging was poor and I agree the photos do not lay flat. Also the photos were out of sequence and I had to organize 120 prints. Overall satisfied except for the above.

Review by jessjca, Rating:
Ordered my sons first Christmas cards from this website. Choosing next bussiness day shipping paying 12 dollars. Four days later still have not received order. When I went to contact them about the order no contact number was available only contact through email. Refusing to refund shipment amount and once confronted about issue and poor costumer service they no longer were emailing me back. Less than exceptional!!

Review by Kelly, Rating:
For many years we used MPIX as our printer for our photos. The quality was unsurpassed. Due to health issues in the last few years my husband took a break from his photography. Last week he took some sports photos and again we chose MPIX. What a mistake! They are no longer using Kodak paper. The quality was terrible. The photos will not lie flat. The colors are flat in appearance. I am very disappointed at MPIX. I never minded paying more for our prints when the quality was great. MPIX you need to return to Kodak paper. Sacrificing quality to make a few bucks will certainly kill your business . It is time to look for another printer who prints quality prints without \"killing the pocketbook.\" MPIX get rid of the cheap FUGI paper and return to KODAK paper before you lose your company!

Review by mike b, Rating:
Mpix is not for you if you need high quality photos. They often cut their boards uneven. You can tell it is for competition and they will do better. Often their printing is between slightly off and way off. Until recently they reprinted for free but this las time I had to return the photo at my expense. The quality was terrible.

Review by Stacie Branham , Rating:
Excellent service and professional prints. I loved my reprints! Fast turnaround time, excellent packaging with no bending! Will definitely use them again.

Review by Lisa Kippes, Rating:
Mpix was awful here too, as was their customer service. Somehow, they printed my pictures with black autofilling in where there was white on a part of the picture. I contacted them immediately. I included a picture of what they sent me. They acknowledged the mistake and said they would reprint and resend. However, they never did reprint. They claimed they kept forgetting. After a week, I asked for a refund. They cut off contact at this point, still with no prints. Plus, the quality of what I did get was poor. I have had to dispute the charge on the credit card and go elsewhere to print after all this.

Review by Tim Swanson, Rating:
I was supprised to see poor reviews here. I had a rush deadline for a birthday gift. I emailed customer service, who repied almost immediately with the info I needed. I submitted a photo for a gallery wrap and emailed a message with my need to get it back fast. It was made and shipped within a couple of hours. I received it here (Alaska) within 30 hours of submitting the photo. The wrap was excellent and I can not say enough about the speedy service and the excellent communication.

Review by Megan, Rating:
They have the worst customer service. The head actually told me that his only concern was to make money, once I finally got to talk to someone on the telephone. His greeting to me was that he hadn\'t taken the time to read what my problem was to so I was going to have to tell him. I ordered something and selected one day shipping, it took four days, so I was asking to be refunded for the extra shipping fee since I did not get one business day. They were rude and demeaning. I also felt that the picture was printed blurry. Would never use them again, and would not recommend them knowing how their customer support is.

Review by Austin Marc Graf, Rating:
I have my 1st art show dealing w/ 3-D photography in 4 days and 3 weeks ago I had ordered 3 prints from them, They were nice, so I gave them another shot dealing with 18 images on foam canvas, most were 8x12, and 16x24 w/ my watermark at the bottom. they review sheet to see if it fits showed all my images were good. after waiting one week I got them back. \"FUCK THEM UP THE ASS!\" they didn\'t crop my images right at all, They wont pick up the phone. They only tell me it was my fault not their lab. THEY could have looked at it and said \"yeah this doesnt look right\" and fix it, but no. They took my money and told me they can do a re-order and give me 75% off. plus shipping and handling. IM FUCKED...they are in Kansas and im in Dallas Tx, their number 620.231.8050 goes straight to voicemail . they ruined my big day....i hope they are happy. They claim to have a 100% guarantee. \" fuck you Mpix\" \"fuck you\"

Review by Alex, Rating:
I use Mpix for most of my enlargments and have always had good results. I especially like their true B&W paper and their metallics. The shipping is more expensive but they ship in boxes that the post office has yet to bend, unlike photos I\'ve gotten from other services. I usually wait until I have enough photos to order to make the shipping cost worth it. I highly recommend Mpix and WHCC. Mpix does have a pro option now for those that want to talk to a person instead of handling issues by email.

Review by Marilyn Steiner, Rating:
I am very disappointed, the canvas prints I ordered are unacceptable, whats worse they charge in seconds when u order but ignore you if there is a complaint are problem, I will give them another week to respond, if they continue to ignore me I will be forced to stop payment on charge :(

Review by Paul, Rating:
Tried to order 2 prints but kept getting charged for 3. They will not talk on the telephone and insist on using email. Which did not work! Anyone know a good lab that will work with their customers and God forbid actually talk to them?

Review by John, Rating:
I have trouble with Mpix, and I\'m not saying it is there fault. I have sent the same files to them three time, all look different. Two were with their B&W paper and one with the 29 cents paper. I have two complaints. One, the prints are not focus when compared to my Costco prints, this is big with me. Two, I have tried to turn off any adjustments by them as I want my file to be printed like I send. And they are not. I will say that my monitor is set so my Costco prints are so close to my monitor that I am happy. But I find their prints not even consistent some have too much contrast (and this is a very slight amount), and some have too little (again a very slight amount). I suppose I could live with complaint two if I could zero in on there system, but number one is just not acceptable. I like their B&W paper very much but I\'m not sure I can use them again.

Review by phil, Rating:
Good god ! Place my $500 + order, wait a few days, get my package, with 17 items missing ! AND I had a 2 books was printed upside down. This is just flippin ridiculous ! Four thumbs down. For the price I thought I would get pro service..I should mention that this is only my second order with them...and last.

Review by Hooligan, Rating:
I have used Mpix and MpixPro several times. I am very happy with the service I have received. Quality Photographic papers, Super quick shipping, and always properly packaged. Prices for the services are justified. This is what I do for a living and I highly recommend for novice or professional alike. My customers just go crazy for the amount of different items I can offer them.

Review by Fred, Rating:
Great prints, great quality, fast shipping, good customer service. Expensive shipping for larger prints if you only order 1-2, over all a great company. They are my lab.

Review by Canopus, Rating:
Generally the \"corrected\" prints have their contrast bumped up...which I don\'t like. There have been instances where clearly, each photo is NOT corrected by a technician. (out of focus prints, and edge white border that was messed up somehow got through. Mpix is hit and wary of using them for \"important\" photos or time sensitive pics....allow for reprints.

Review by Andrew, Rating:
I have spent $400 through 5 orders in the past 7 weeks and only one was actually shipped within 24 hours. The rest were 48-72 hours. I complained once and they told me it was due to different paper types and large orders etc... So I ordered a simple 2 photos 9x12 and it took over 48 hours to ship. I emailed in and they lied saying it shipped a day before it really did according to USPS. I have no problem with prints taking 48-72 hours but not when your motto is \"shoot today, unload tonight, we ship tomo...

Review by kelor, Rating:
Great site! When they make a mistake, the take care of it! Fast Shipping, Good color correction! Great customer service!

Review by Ram, Rating:
Great Service. Had several questions which were promptly answered. Had prints made on metallic papers and they were just top class. No color cast, variation whatever. Of course I have a calibrated monitor and I made sure I saw the pictures using their profiles just to make sure. Highly recommend their services.

Review by Emir, Rating:
I have strange experience with mpix. The quality of prints was ok, but the took over the month. I called 2 times, finally they reprinted the order. May be I've been just out of luck...

Review by sandy, Rating:
The absolute best. I made wallets for my daughters grad part, and the price per pic was so good. Hard time telling those from the expensive studio prints. Corner edged the pics, and good to go. Highly recommend for any enlargements or wallets. The best out there.

Review by Chris, Rating:
Great quality; beautiful prints, even in B&W. The ony thing I don't like is that you cannot order color and B&W together. Everything that is ordered has to be on the same paper. So that means two different orders if you have both color and B&W. Other than that, I love them!

Review by Atom, Rating:
Excellent print quality, printed on Kodak paper. Very secure packaging, fast shipping at a flat rate of 5 bucks -- too much for small orders. A number of photo options for professional photographers. Prices are pretty reasonable. Very good online photo editing/cropping, but a bit time-consuming if you have large quantities of photos. My current choice for my professional work.

Review by Pompo Multimedia (, Rating:
Great prints at reasonable prices, very fast processing and shipping. No cons!

Review by ellen, Rating:
very good prints, all pricey on postage

Review by rushg, Rating:
They are awesome with the digital prints. They give a choice of three papers. Metallic paper stands out among them. Film processing is expensive.

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