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Review by Peter Schneidler, Rating:
I've used several of the firms listed on this site. I had a bad experience. I was trying to upload scanned pictures from my wedding 5 years ago. This worked fine, but as the scans were all square (something like 2000x2000), each print was going to be cropped. I used the site's "crop preview" feature and saw that they were cropping so that the pics would be horizontal, that is, they were cropping off the top and bottom. I wanted the sides cropped. So the only thing I could do was rotate the images, and try cropping them again. But then it cropped the sides, which was still the top and bottom of the pictures! So I went back to my desktop, rotated them and saved them as new files. Then I uploaded those rotated files, and did the crop preview, and it was how I wanted it, cropped on the left & right sides of the image, making a vertical style print. I paid extra for fast shipping to my wife's mom for her birthday. The prints came on the day of her bday, which was great, but my wife said they were all horizontal, meaning the crop was wrong. What is more, several had black fill-in along 1 or more sides. This wasn't in the preview, and since it was cropping, why would it need to print a black border along some sides? One of these borders was about an inch and a half thick on just the right side of one of the pictures. So I'm disappointed in this company. I reassured my wife that it would work well, that this was one of the more expensive companies on the net and that they're known for their quality. Oops. I've emailed them and asked what they can do for me and I've gotten no reply. It's been over a month now. Very disappointing. Ironically, I've had great luck with pephoto, which is the super-cheap one of the bunch. I just wanted to use the "crop preview" feature on ezprints, but it basically didn't work.

Review by Ross, Rating:
Blues are well-saturated, excellent. But several reds are way too unsaturated. Also prints are a little dark. Requests for reprints with corrections were identically bad.

Review by G Braun, Rating:
Have used EZprints just once, and the quality was VERY good. Best I've had from 6 different finishers. Prices are reasonable, not cheap.

Review by Keith Lewis, Rating:
Great quality, although a little high priced, but very satisfied.

Review by Hakeem Kareem, Rating:
In my opinion, this is by far the best online photo lab. The prints come out perfect. I used them for my wedding shots only as their price is a little on the high side.

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