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Review by Jeff Hudson, Rating:
I have ordered from Elcocolor four different times and have always been extremely pleased with their work and shipping. Their RIP process allows you to get 24x36 prints from a Nikon D70 (6MP) camera. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review by Ben, Rating:
I ordered seven photos. Some of them 12x16 and some 11x14. I used the color correction service on all my photos. Most of my photos were outdoors. My blue skies turned out gray when printed by Ecocolor. And my reds were dark red in print. All my prints look different than they do on both my computer screens. I\'m pretty disappointed that my blue skies turned out gray because it makes the the photos a bit dull with not much contrast. I think I\'ll end up discarding one of the 11x14 prints I ordered. I ordered one sepia tone print and it turned out well.

Review by Jeff, Rating:
Elcocolor always rocks. I\'ve gotten 20x30 prints from a 6 MP SLR that look great. Prompt printing and shipping, well packed in a cardboard tube.

Review by Jim Shirey, Rating:
i\'ve used elco for years. the quality is great, the service is great, and they are fast. no, i do not work for them.

Review by Aaron, Rating:
Elco Color has been great. I've used them for 3 enlargement orders with 11x14/17 and 20x30s. Even slight crops from a Digital Rebel astonished me at 20x30 size. On one occasion, I sent them the wrong file format. They immediately alerted me of it and got the order taken care of.

Review by Michael, Rating:
I ordered 11 prints 20x30 having as a source not so great quality pictures:( Their color calibration took care of some defects I had in those pictures and the results are AMAZING!! I can confirm that they shipp in a hard tube, so no problems here... Will use again!!!

Review by Matt Almaraz, Rating:
Have ordered many 20x30's, a few 30x40's and most recently a 30x48. The quality has always been first rate. Easily the best printer I've found online period!

Review by Oleg, Rating:
Ordered a 20x30 photo on luster paper. The quality was simply amazing, especially for that price. They shipped it in a very hard tube, so the photo was in perfect condition.

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