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Review by Dave, Rating:
I was quite satisfied until my \"free membership\" ran out and they would no longer give me access to my photos. I\'m locked out until I send them $20. I changed to Shutterfly and feel its a better system. My advice: Sign up with Shutterfly and avoid Dot Photo.

Review by JMC, Rating:
Set up an account with DotPhoto to sell photos to support a non-profit HS band program. The band is owed hundreds of $$s from DotPhoto, but they will not pay or respond to inquiries. BOYCOTT THESE THEIVES THAT STEAL MONEY FROM KIDS

Review by hmoncrief, Rating:
Dotphoto will eliminate your photos without warning. This is an awful service and I highly recommend you do not upload photos to this service.

Review by Allie , Rating:
Consumer, beware of Dotphoto! NOT happy at all with Dotphoto. Without notice, my \"free\" membership turned into a \"you hit your storage limits, now you must pay at least a $19.99 fee to even ACCESS your pictures\" site. I emailed their customer service with no resolution. Switched to Shutterfly and am very happy!

Review by J, Rating:
I have used dotphoto both personally and professionally for a couple of years. Their print quality has gotten much much better since going to the Fuji Frontier/Crystal Archive combination. They have been very consistent (in a good way) with shipping and print quality. The key, as with most online print services of this type, is to properly calibrate your monitor and to make sure what you send them is in the sRGB color space. The only gripe I have is that their prices are not as competitive as they used to be and their are too many advertisements on their website. They have an option of paying a fee to get rid of the ads but if I'm actively buying prints from them then I shouldn't have to pay to get rid of the ads.

Review by Ross, Rating:
very good prints compared to Colors are true. Shipping time was always very fast. I've used them about five times in five years.

Review by Jo, Rating:
Ok so I may have been a bit harsh. I just compared doPhoto to another place, and I guess they're not that bad. Shipping still took longer than I would've liked, but they give you the option of Kodak Royal paper, which is awesome paper to print your pictures on.

Review by Jo, Rating:
Took them forever to ship out my order. The colors were definitely off in a lot of the pictures. I think they were trying to adjust the color or exposure to make the picutures look better, but I preferred my pictures the way they were.

Review by Jill, Rating:
Service was extremely fast but the colors of the prints were aweful. They weren't even close to what was on my monitor. In case it was my monitor that was off, I checked online from a few different computers and also ordered prints from a different online service. Results - it was not the monitor as the photos looked fine on a number of monitors and the prints ordered elsewhere were fine. 30 free prints ($2+ shipping) that I will be giving away...

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