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Review by senorfrisk, Rating:
I use Costco a lot. You can upload pics online and pick them up in a couple hours. The prices are cheap. The quality is good. I love their 16 x 20!

Review by MarkZ, Rating:
Good pictures for the price. I have had them overcrop on more than one occasion and sometimes I have to yell at them for not printing what I send them color wise. Prints tend to be slighlty off shade but not significant with regard to price.

Review by Jill, Rating:
I uesed Costco in my early days of being a professional photographer. Often they were fine, but eventually I got tired of the dirty machines, poor quality, smudges, croping errors, and multiple trips to the local store when they screwed up. I use a pro lab now. the difference in price is SO worth it though. Not all labs are equal, and all things being equal, you get what you pay for. My customers demand the best, so I must also.

Review by Peter Schneidler, Rating:
The price is never a total rip-off, the quality is good, and shipping for prints is free. Oleg, the price for 4x6 is now $.13, not $.17.

Review by charles tarski, Rating:
Excellent quality from wallet size to 8x10. Easy to upload pictures on their website and very fast shipping from the east coast from start to finish I received the prints in 5 days. Absolutely no complaints.

Review by Emir Shabashvili, Rating:
I printed at costco a lot and was always pleased with the result. I printed 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 12x18 and 16x20 -- almost all sizes except 20x30. The only problem I have is related to local costco, not online service. In the local costco they sometimes overcrop my pictures (I always give them the exact size and they overcrop it anyway). Online is just fine. Oleg, I noticed you do not have a price for 20x30 in you table. Right now it is $9.99, I just checked.

Review by Kingsley, Rating:
i am a professional photographer. I used to use winkflash, and whcc. But I have used costco for 1 year. I really like their price and service, not to mention free shipping.

Review by Vcanfield, Rating:
I have used Costco in the past and the pictures have always turned out pretty good. The price was right and shipping was cheap. The will also do them in 1 hour for the same price as online. Not bad.

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